Book Review: Storm of Shadows

Storm of Shadows

“I swear to you, if the ice age comes and plows down this chateau, and we are the only two people left alive on earth, tonight we will finish this thing.”

─ Christina Dodd


“Because you wouldn’t recognize a signal if it was blinking on an oncoming semi.

─ Christina Dodd

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Book Information

Title: Storm of Shadows

Author: Christina Dodd

Publisher: Signet Select Book a division of Penguin Group, New York

ISBN 978-0-451-22813-0

Genre: Romance, Paranormal

Ages: 18+

374 pages


Book Summary:

Rosamund Hill, an antiquities librarian is proper and predictable, lost in her work at the Library. That is until Aaron Eagle enters her life, disrupting everything in search of information on the legend of the Chosen. Rosamund knew of the legend, but as an academic discounted it as a myth.

Aaron Eagle offers mystery and excitement. Rosamund joins the dangerous man in a hunt to uncover a mysterious prophecy. In the process, Aaron helps her unleash her untamed soul, discover things about her parents, and confront the truth about the Chosen.

Book Rating   3/5

Storm of Shadows is the second book in the Chosen Ones series by Christina Dodd. The series contains six books featuring the battle between those known as the Chosen Ones and the Abandoned Ones. Christina Dodd does a marvelous job of making each book stand on its’ own, as well as enriched by reading the other books in the series. Each book features a different member of the Chosen Ones and their story.

Warning – Storm of Shadows does contain some explicit sexual scenes. This is not mentioned to stop you from reading the book, just informing the presence of the content.

I like the fantasy supernatural legend basis of the Chosen One series. Individuals have gifts, but many of the gifts are very subtle powers. The Storm of Shadows focuses on the story of the Chosen Aaron Eagle and finding his love, Rosamund Hall. Aaron finds Rosamund while looking for her father to help research into a mysterious prophecy about the Chosen. Together the couple follow clues searching for the prophecy, barely escaping danger along the way.

One of my favorite things about Dodd’s books is the way that a book may be about a specific couple you start to feel like you are meeting and learning small details about other characters from other books in a series.

One part that I particularly liked in Storm of Shadows is the way that Dodd’s depicted the main character of Rosamund Hall. The primary female love interest is far to often described for her irresistible beauty that the man just can’t deny himself. Their relationship is deemed as predictable. Rosamund is portrayed as being plain and studious. The individuals in her life consider her oblivious and shy. Rosamund is so passionate about the antiquities she studies that she has little concern to the external concerns of vanity, such as her clothing and hairstyles. This lack of concern is described as becoming so involved in her work that she forgets the world around her. Her charm is discovered along the journey by Aaron, not immediately predicted.

The part I disliked the most was the evil entity behind the scenes. The introduction of the hidden enemy Osgood of the Others seemed less mysterious and more clunky. Dodd instills incapacitating fear in the characters dealing with Osgood, yet it is all done through hearsay not earned through actions. At this point in the series, I am unsure how significant of a role he will have in the overall story.

For those interested in the complete series, the books are in the following order:

Storm of Visions

Storm of Shadows

Chains of Ice

Chains of Fire

Stone Angel


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