Bellamy Bleu where literature, inspired creative interests and you collide.


Read a book. Heck, read a lot of books. Find one or hundreds of stories that take you away to another place as another person.


Who says you always must be the person everyone sees day after day? Between the pages, you can be a different person each day, living a new adventure.


Realize that you and your inspirations are one. Take your favorite elements out of books and incorporate them into your life one piece at a time.


About Bellamy Bleu at a Glance

Founded September 2018

By Ella

Located in the Midwest Missouri on the outskirts of the cornfields.

Journey Did you miss the part about cornfields, traveling anywhere is a little more exotic and preferred. And my budget currently only supports books instead of airfare. Conundrum though in the long run money saved on no books would equal airfare. Hmmm, guess I will live with instant temporary gratification and try to figure out the physical travel plans later.

Transform I love my life and I like who I am, but it is fun to be someone else, a different personality without having to face the consequences. Secretly I want to be the charming sexy jewel thief. The reality I lean more towards the nice socially awkward mom that reads every spare moment and can bake some downright sinful cupcakes type.

Collide I may not live in another world but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy that world. I take bits and pieces from books that inspire me and make new things. Enter Bellamy Bleu blog where I record and share my love and collision of literature into my life.

Go find your inspiration and discover all the collisions possible here.