Book Review: Capturing the Devil

Capturing the Devil


“Every ghost of the past I’d worked to fight against, every demon in my imagination―everything was rallying against this news, clawing its way up my throat, taunting me with an I told you so.”

─ Kerri Maniscalco

“You’ve got a certain aura of murder that’s―quite honestly―a strange mixture of alluring and troubling.

─ Kerri Maniscalco



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Book Information

Title: Capturing the Devil

Author: Kerri Maniscalco

Publisher: Jimmy Patterson Books imprint of Little, Brown and Company, New York

ISBN 978-0-316-48554-8

Genre: YA Fiction, Gothic Mystery, Thriller, Horror

Ages: 14 +

444 pages


Book Summary:

The finale to the Stalking Jack the Ripper series, finds Audrey Rose Wadsworth and Thomas Cresswell in America, involved in another deadly game of cat-and-mouse. The couple fight to stay a step ahead of an elusive, depraved killer.

The serial killer taunts them in New York, making Audrey Rose question if the horror of Jack the Ripper is truly over. Determined to help Audrey Rose and Thomas use their skills of deduction and her brother, Nathaniel’s journals to discover any clues about his identity. Their investigations lead them to Chicago during the World’s Fair. A once in a lifetime event that proves exciting and dangerous full of secrets, and an abundant hunting ground for a killer.

As Audrey Rose and Thomas struggle to track down and identify the serial killer, their love is tested adding doubt to what their future may hold. The killer finds ways to taunt Audrey Rose. Will this be their last mystery to end together?

Book Rating   4/5

Capturing the Devil is the story of Audrey Rose Wadsworth, an unconventional Victorian girl who follows her passion in forensic medicine. Audrey Rose has traveled to America with her mentor, and Uncle and a fellow assistant, Thomas. As Audrey Rose heals from her wound from her last investigation, women begin to be murdered in New York. The murders closely resemble those of Jack the Ripper in London, which is impossible, as the killer was dead. Unless he really wasn’t “Jack” after all.


Story does contain some graphic and gory sections as Maniscalco describes in detail the condition of the bodies of the victims of the “White City Devil”, as well as the dissections and autopsies.

The past investigations are beginning to take a toll of Audrey Rose. Injuries from the investigations while aboard the RMS Etruria, have left her with some physical changes. Audrey Rose is still trying to come to terms with the horrors committed by her brother, Nathaniel. Now here in New York, women are being killed, and the examinations of the victims are showing some shocking similarities to the “Jack the Ripper” murders, which is impossible. “Jack” was dead, wasn’t he?

During this turmoil, Audrey Rose has Thomas and their love to depend on, until a figure from the past reemerges yanking away the possibilities of a future together. The couple are faced with the dilemma of parting, or perhaps the heartache of staying together.

I liked the way Maniscalco took the sensationalism and fascination of the “Jack the Ripper” murders and the “White City Devil” and gave an interesting twist on the possible connection between the savage murders.  The story contained a strong female character that was comfortable in her unconventionality. Audrey Rose becomes a champion of other women that society has deemed unworthy of justice.

My only complaint would be that Capturing the Devil is the end of the series. The main character of Audrey Rose has grown and evolved through the series. I originally found Audrey Rose slow to like. While not a fan of the graphic nature of the condition of the victims, I didn’t find that aspect off putting.

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