Lit Food Inspirations…


To be honest, (no really!? Let’s lie!) Sorry about that, but to explain I am new to blogging. To be a more authentic me, I’m trying not to filter, so there will most likely be a smidgen of otherwise filtered or muttered sarcastic comments thrown in the mix. Anywho, back to the subject.

I didn’t overly consider the subject of Lit food or fictional food until recently. I noticed the food mentioned in the literature of course. Some authors can weave the descriptions about food so well that you would think your right there smelling the delicious aromas that you are slightly disappointed to discover you can’t really have any and now you are craving food. Others mention some foods you can’t help but think, “Wow! Really!?”, just from the quirkiness or plain appalling nature of the food. While lastly, you have the authors that barely skim over the mention of food so lightly you barely register it was in the story.

I can cook, and bake. I am even known to experiment a little, usually with cupcakes or sweets (major sweet tooth). Despite this, it didn’t really occur to me to try and recreate any food mentioned in the literature. This could be partly based on meals and treats being more centered around family needs, likes, and necessity. Well, now the kids are raised and moved out beginning their own adventures into adulthood. So now food can be a little more quirky, worst case scenario my husband refuses to even try it. Which in all honesty, wouldn’t be the first time to happen. The poor man is not a fan of sugary sweets, so whenever I experiment with a new cupcake recipe I practically have to force feed him to get him to try one.

My recent interest with Lit food occurred with researching book review blogs to start this blog. In my research, I discovered several wonderful blogs mentioning or centering around Lit food. Blogs such as Fictional, and the Little Library Café have a variety of recipes from various genres of literature.


As this is the first post about Lit food, I will stick with a limited amount of fangirling over the previously mentioned blogs that I intend to try many of their recipes.

Fictional Fare is a wonderful lit food blog. You feel like you are talking to a friend in your kitchen about recipes. Along with the recipes, the inspiration for each recipe, and trials in recreating fantasy food are mentioned. I don’t know about you, but I find it comforting to know that any attempts I make won’t always look as picture perfect as shown. instantly grabs your attention with the inspiring pictures, that look as if you really are in the book enjoying the food. This blog also weaves a story for each recipe. Luring the reader into the spirit of the recipe with a quote from the book, followed by a discussion on inspiration for the recipe.

The Little Library Café is a delicious find. Recipes are easily navigated through food categories. Once you click on the recipe you will find mouthwatering pictures of each dish, pertaining quotes from literature, and the recipe.

For those interested in Lit food or fictional food, whichever term you prefer, there are plenty of recipes to try in the aforementioned blogs. I found each of them inspiring and can’t wait to try several of them, if not create a few of my own. Please check back to discover any new recipes and how well my attempts fare.