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Life has been very hectic lately. To inspire more quality family time. The family and I are trying to start doing a monthly movie night with themed food with each of us taking a turn in rotation with picking the theme (movie and menu).

So far it has been interesting with the food choices. My husband is a huge Serenity/Firefly fan. He did a phenomenal job with his themed movie night.  He found a great movie themed cookbook The Geeky Chef Strikes Back by Cassandra Reeder, that contains recipes from many of his favorite movies and television series. We tried the “Ice Planets” recipe. It was very good. Ours wouldn’t win any presentation awards, but we did have a lot of fun making them. These would even be good for kids helping with a little prep work, as long as you don’t mind the kids making a mess.

The next picked theme was Harry Potter. This is where I ran into some issues. I ordered some cookbooks, which didn’t arrive in time. So I winged it. Which didn’t turn out to bad on the food portion. But I did get called out on the food not being in the movie when we watched it. This is the downside of “I remember it in the book” when I read it versus it has been a while since I watched the movie. Lesson learned, if it has a book and a movie…watch the movie again before planning menu. Not that it matters in the grand scheme of the evening. Part of the fun was matching the food dishes to the movie connection.

The cookbooks did arrive and I’m sure you guessed, there is a strong Harry Potter theme in them.

The Wizard’s Cookbook by Aurélia Beaupommier

The Wizard’s Dessert Cookbook by Aurélia Beaupommier

Fairytale Baking by Christin Geweke

So far on flipping through them, there are lots of recipes I want to try.

Has anyone else found some great literature inspired cookbooks that they would recommend?

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To order your copy today of any of the mentioned cookbooks, click on the cookbook titles. For additional information about the authors and additional cookbooks they have written you may go to the following:

The Geeky Chef , Cassandra Reeder

Facebook page (it is in French) for Aurélia Beaupommier