Book Allowance…

At what point is too much too much? Is it feasible to budget book purchases with a book allowance? Do you give yourself a weekly or monthly allotment to buy books? Perhaps you just purchase on a whim based on how much extra you happen to have? Does the cost of a book determine the purchase? Does the available space on a bookshelf or the cover affect your decision? So many questions to consider when you’re a book lover.

I’ve tried the monthly allowance, and for those with great willpower and self-control, it is a wonderful system. The only problem is that it can be somewhat limiting if this is your only method for getting books to read. If that is the case I recommend investing in an e-reader and taking advantage of free digital books, or dusting off that library card.

I read a lot, but I have so many free books on my Kindle that I don’t worry about purchasing a book just to read. At this point, I am focusing on creating and expanding my library or book collection. The inspiration for this is Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions. They look so nice on my bookshelves, affordable, and many are old favorites that I get a new chance to revisit. I am terrible about going back to read a book once I have read it, even if I really liked the book. So this also provides an extra nudge to reread each new book I buy.

How do you decide how many or what books to buy? Do you have a book allowance? I would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time.