Favorite Libraries to Runaway to from Film

There are many movies and television series featuring scenes inside libraries. Some of these libraries are more impressive than others. A few of these libraries have become iconic due to the association of the library as being integral to the film, such as the school library in The Breakfast Club. Other films feature the library scene as such a small moment in the movie that only a book lover would register there was a library shown at all.

It is a definite sign that someone you know is a bibliophile when they spend the bulk of a film drooling over a library scene. How could you not? Look at all those beautiful books, and if you have gorgeous books shouldn’t they have an equally beautiful home? Every book lover has an idea of what they believe is the ultimate library with the only unanimous feature being lots and lots of books. Each individual has a preference for a library that generally enhances their personal reading experience through design, material, and mood. These preferences run the range through clean, immaculate modern to old, cluttered dusty nooks.

I can respect the other types of libraries, after all, they do contain all those books. I admit to being a teensy lit bit over in love with the idea of a beautiful library. Some women clip, pin and save pictures for their dream house or dream wedding…for me, it has always been the dream library. I won’t say obsessed as I am realistic enough to know I will never and I mean never be able to afford the ultimate library, but a girl can dream…(sigh). Libraries in films only seem to add to my dream of someday having an ultimate library of my own.

While perhaps not the type of library everyone dreams of here is a list of some of my favorite libraries in films.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The Lockwood Library

Dinosaur skeletons and exhibits, spiral staircase, wood paneling, and glass ceiling.  A wonderful collaboration of museum and library all in one room. Install a bathroom in the corner, and have one deliver occasional meals, so I don’t starve, and I could happily live here for the rest of my life. 

Lockwood Mansion library from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Lockwood Mansion library


Aunt Elinor’s Library

Rare books on the shelves and display, statues, fireplace, and cozy places to sit and read. What bibliophile wouldn’t have loved to have an aunt to share their love of books? Besides it never hurts to have a nephew to help repair any rare finds. Could there be a more perfect place to hide a book then among other books?

Aunt Elinor’s Library from Inkheart
Aunt Elinor’s Library

Series of Unfortunate Events

A Series of Unfortunate Events features multiple enviable libraries. Hmm is there a requirement to have a library with a fireplace to be in a secret society?

The Baudelaire Mansion library 

The Baudelaire mansion library a wonderful place full of curiosity, answers and warm memories. One of the siblings favorite places to be at the Baudelaire Mansion,   pre-fire of course.

Beaudelaire Mansion library
Baudelaire Mansion library

Justice Strauss’s home library

The siblings meet Justice Strauss, who kindly offered them the use of her private home library. At Justice Strauss’s home library the siblings look for answers to help their current situation. Despite the results of the situation the children remember the visits as a welcome respite.

Judge Strauss's home library
Judge Strauss’s home library
The Reptile Room
The Reptile Room

Uncle Monty’s library

Then how can one forget, Uncle Monty’s library? Referred to as the Reptile Room for obvious reasons. The room is filled with wondrous creatures and information. An eclectic cluttered creation allowing each of the children to explore their interests. I’ll take one without snakes, please.



The Prufrock Preparatory School library

Lastly, there is the Prufrock Preparatory School library, perhaps the only happy spot in the entire school. Within perhaps one of the most gloomy locations possible, the siblings find three surprisingly wonderful things – a library, a librarian and friends. Each providing further influence in the unfortunate events to come.

Prufrock Preparatory School
Prufrock Preparatory School

Ahh, this series has so many wonderful libraries. Even when there isn’t a library and books featured in the episode there is a way in which books are featured, such as the penthouse dining room with the library book wallpaper.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Dorian Gray's neglected library from A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Dorian Gray’s neglected library

Dorian Gray’s Library

A quite lovely little library before they abuse it. Alright, it is a tad bit untidy to start, but nothing an afternoon and a little elbow grease can’t fix. So, if all of you would please hand me the keys to the house and vacate quietly and efficiently, I will get to work.



Beauty and the Beast

The Beast’s Library

Nothing says love better than showing a girl a library, right? Works for me, and obliviously worked for fellow bibliophile Belle. I realize this isn’t why Belle fell for the Beast, but as she is an obvious book lover, it didn’t hurt either. The classic story of Beauty and the Beast shows a good example of acceptance for who someone is by those that truly care about you. So no more hiding those books your secretly reading with a flashlight under the covers late at night.

The Beast (Dan Stevens) and Belle (Emma Watson) in the castle library in Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, a live-action adaptation
The Beast and Belle in the castle library

The Harry Potter films

The Hogwarts’s Library

Ummm…magical library. Need I say more? A library that contains every book or piece of information you want to know. As if that wasn’t enough the books that magically put themselves away. Once again, do I need to remind you magical? Sounds like the perfect place for a bibliophile to dive into some very interesting trouble.

Hogwart's library from the Harry Potter films
Hogwart’s library

Hellboy & Hellboy 2: A Golden Army

The B.P.R.D. Library

The B.P.R.D. library, also known as Professor Broom’s office features statues, a unique desk, and fireplace. The shelves are packed with literature for Abe to read in addition to probably the most extensive collection of supernatural information. For additional bonus points, find Abe Sapien a nice watery home and presto you have a great aquarium.

B.P.R.D. library from Hellboy
B.P.R.D. library from Hellboy
Library from Clue
Library from Clue


The Hill House Library 

Admittedly a dark stormy night does equate to the perfect excuse to go read a book, with any luck others will take the hint and leave you alone to do so. For argument’s sake, we shall assume you live in an isolated mansion that should offer the illusion of privacy. Seating, cozy fireplace, nice rug, a little murder mystery who will disagree, besides the victim? Include the board game and a few close friends, sounds like an interesting Saturday night.


Meet Joe Black

William Parrish’s library

Having death as a house guest could prove a little bit awkward, but let’s look at the positive side. Leather chairs, lots of seating placed about the room including a dedicated seating area, nooks, and crannies.  The picture of the perfect gentlemen’s club type library. Does anyone else smell cigar smoke?

library from Meet Joe Black
William Parrish’s library


Whipstaff Manor library 

Whipstaff Manor in the lovely setting of Friendship, Maine. Presumably abandoned and haunted. Add to the mix a widower, who just happens to be your father that chases ghosts. Everything a teenage girl dreams of right? Stained glass, unique and creative bookcases, hidden passages, and a friendly ghost could make the library well worth considering.

Whipstaff Manor library from Casper
Whipstaff Manor library

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

“X marks the spot” Italian library

The Italian Marciana Library from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is usually referred to as the “X marks the spot” library. Professor Indiana Jones is on the hunt for history and treasure once again. This time the stakes are raised as he must follow clues left by his father, who is missing as well. Stained glass, spiral staircase, stone pillars, secret message, and a hidden tomb.

Indiana Jones and the Lost Crusade - X marks the Spot
Marciana Library

These are just a few of my favorite libraries from films. There are many more, and I’m sure I will keep adding to the list. If you haven’t seen these libraries, errrrr…films, I highly recommend watching them when you get a chance. On that note, I think it is about time for a movie night binge watch…themed by libraries.